Effective schoolteams

The workshop about effective schoolteams was presented by Peter Clarke, an Irish psychologist.  He gave us practical advice about effective teamwork.  We also had the chance to exchange a lot of personal experiences.

During the whole workshop we worked on activities in small teams.

What are the difficulties we experience working in teams?

During the whole conference we hear clearly the same issues coming back:

  • The extra time obstacle
  • The motivation and interest of teachers
  • Technical difficulties
  • Fear of the language
  • Support of the schoolboard

We concluded that both the bottom-up strategy as well as the top-down strategy can be useful to integrate eTwinning in the school.  A lot of enthousiastic students and teachers can influence the headmaster and schoolboard to support eTwinning (bottom-up).  But support and a bit pushing from the headmaster are very welcome to influence the schoolteam (top-down).

Successsful teams

To work with a successfull team we have to keep some things in mind.  Peter Clarke gave us a shortlist.

Also social-emotional issues have an influence on us working in a team:

  1. We need to belong to a team
  2. We need to know that we belong to a team
  3. We need to have a common aim for the group we join
  4. We need to have power and autonomy
There is a dynamic interactions between these four things.

Sharing experience

We had a lot of help from each other talking about things that are going wrong in our project teams.  We exchanged some useful tips and solutions.

Important quotes I take home from this workshop:

  • Teachers are not managable, but that’s a good thing!
  • Influence is about the passion of the topic.
  • Key golden rule: Honouring the end time!