Keynote Speaker from the European Commission: António Silva Mendes

António Silva Mendes is Director for the  “Life Long Learning” policies & programme at the Directorate-General  Education & Culture in the European Commission.
He is responsible for the policies  and the programme in the fields of school  and adult education, vocational training as well as the general coordination of the Life Long Learning implementation.

From 2006 to February 2012, António Silva Mendes was Resources Director at the Directorate-General  Education & Culture.

“Travailler ensemble / Trabajar juntos / “eTwinning Teams”. Place de l’audio et de la vidéo.”

Michelle Fye (France)  Language: en Español – Room Berlin-St. Petersbourg

La reflexión participativa: ¿Qué herramientas de audio y vídeo pueden potenciar la toma de la palabra por parte de los estudiantes de manera continua e interactiva?

¿Qué entornos digitales pueden motivar a los docentes a inculcar en los estudiantes la importancia de establecer comunicaciones formales e informales a distancia o en su centro? ¿Cuál es el valor añadido para los estudiantes y los profesores?

El proyecto de eTwinning: Un ejemplo concreto: “La encuesta policíaca” Los episodios de esta producción audio y video con varias voces, en varios idiomas (alemán, francés castellano).

Social Media and Entrepreneurship

Franz Werner Karner (Austria) Language: English

English Companies and entrepreneurs can ill afford to ignore the quick and comprehensive development of social networks. New competences and skills are required from entrepreneurs as well as from their staff. To use social media for business brings good prospects as well as some dangers. The pupils of today must be prepared for this world. This workshop will examine: • How can we, through eTwinning activities prepare pupils for this world? • Examples and ideas for activities to learn more about social media and its roles. • Using social media for eTwinning activities.

Mobile Technology and Pupil Led Projects

Paddy Carroll (UK) Language: English – Room Berlin-St. Petersbourg

In our latest project my fellow eTwinning ambassador Anne McMorrough and I wanted to enable our children to recognise the positive and motivating effect of collaborative learning. We believe that we have succeeded because we went beyond just saying that the children were in control of the project, instead we gave our pupils technology that they knew they were more comfortable at using than ourselves. They are as much eTwinning ambassadors as Anne and myself because they have gone on to inform, teach, motivate and enable a great many more people than we ever imagined because they took ownership and enjoyed. In this workshop we will explore the path to this level of pupil involvement.

How eTwinning can contribute to teacher Professional Development and formal accreditation

Cathy Francis (Scotland UK) and Sandra Underwood (England UK) Language: English – Room Berlin-Paris

In this workshop Cathy and Sandra will be looking at how eTwinning and the teachers’ involvement in eTwinning as ambassadors in the UK has contributed to their professional development. Through formal accreditation in Cathy’s case as a Chartered Teacher in Scotland and the impact that has had on teaching and learning in her school. In Sandra’s case it will be the opportunities afforded by delivering peer training on eTwinning and Comenius and the impact that has had on her professional skills.