Prize Ceremony

The Prize Ceremony on Thursday was certainly one of the day’s highlights. All the winner projects are of outstanding quality and particularly committed to overcome borders within Europe. They convinced the jury with great creativity and varied results in the TwinSpace such as online magazines, films, photographs, wiki, blogs and many more.

It started with the special categories, the French and the Spanish language Prizes. The French National Support Service sponsored the French Language Prize which aims to encourage students to communicate in French. In the project “Journalistes en herbe” the students created a journal and analyzed news reports from various fields. The Spanish Prize was awarded by Juan Ramón Villar Fuentes of the Spanish Ministry of Education. He highlighted that the project “Carpe Nuntium: voilà nuestra “FrItalianza” carried out in Spanish as main language for communication also integrated cultural aspects of Europe’s diversity.
The Marie-Skłodowska-Curie-Prize (sponsored by the National Support Services of Poland and France) was awarded to “SOHO: Sunspots Online – Helios Observatory”: in this project seven partners from six countries built up a scientific collaboration with each other. They investigated the sun as the center of our solarsystem and observed sunspots. The classes even arranged video conferences with scientists.
In the age categories, the following projects were awarded for their outstanding creativity and international collaboration:


4-11 years – “The new adventures of the Twinnies around the world”: Twinnie yellow and blue went on a virtual journey and shared their adventures in each country in the TwinSpace. One teacher of the project concluded the results like this: “collaboration became friendship”.

Winners of age categorie 4-11: "Adventures of the Twinnies around the world"








12-15 years – “A Taste of Maths (ATOM)”: This project aims to increase student’s interest in mathematics combined with culinary experiences.

16-19 years – “Reporting without borders”: Instead of oldfashioned newspapers the students created together an extensive e-magazine. The students chose their topics to write about and interviewed their European partners.

The Prize Ceremony was really a great event to give an insight into some very impressive projects. Teachers, keep up the good work for your students!