Reporting without borders – workshop for winners Age Category 16 – 19

Cristina, Claudine and Lucyna

Cristina, Claudine and Lucyna

Cristina Chiorescu, (Romania); Claudine Coatanéa,  (France); Lucyna Nocoń-Kobiór (Poland) took great delight in presenting their winning project ‘Reporting without borders’
This project  engaged the pupils in the collaborative writing of a European magazine making them aware of the fact that such project is a preparation  for today modern blended-learning studies they are to start when they leave school – especially final year pupils.

For Cristina this project was essentially an after school  activitiy while both Claudine and Lucyna integrated their work into their language classes. You can listen to what happened at workshop by clicking the workshop_recording.

Their Power Point Presentation may be viewed here:

One thought on “Reporting without borders – workshop for winners Age Category 16 – 19

  1. I was very impressed with the project “Reporting without borders”. It was great to attend the workshop and to personally meet and chat with the teachers involved. I’ve read through quite a bit of the e-magazine and it’s interesting to hear these young people from three countries exchange their opinions openly.
    Well done to the three teachers and their students!

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