Welcome address Minister Dr. Bernd Althusmann

Minister Dr. Bernd Althusmann
Deputy President of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany and Minister of Education in Lower Saxony

One thought on “Welcome address Minister Dr. Bernd Althusmann

  1. Dr. Bernd Althusmann opened the conference. In his welcome speech he highlighted the growing significance of eTwinning during the past years. He mentioned three aspects as crucial points:

    1. Schools are commissioned to promote the knowledge of Europe and to foster community building among European students. eTwinning projects are ideal instruments for achieving these objectives.
    2. Rapid technological change has influenced the way we communicate. Today’s children grow up as “digital natives”. This makes it even more important for students to learn at school how to use digital media in a responsible way. eTwinning makes an important contribution to developing media literacy.
    3. eTwinning projects are suitable for all subjects and for students of all ages. It is not restricted to foreign language teaching. A lot of best practice examples which received eTwinning quality labels or prizes clearly demonstrate the great diversity of projects.

    Students who get to know Europe in the virtual classroom will consider themselves as European citizens. “A unified Europe is based on direct contact and common projects such as eTwinning, where students learn and work together every day across borders”, said Althusmann in his welcome address.

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