Idioms and reality

You may all be familiar with the common idiom “too many cooks spoil the broth”, don’t you?

During yesterday’s Prize Award Ceremony though, I asked myself if this could also apply to eTwinning projects. So, I decided to take a closer look at the facts: 320 prize entries (high quality projects from across Europe) that qualified for this year’s European Prizes had to pass 3 jury rounds with evaluators from 32 countries. This returned a shortlist of 24 projects of which 9 were finally awarded All of them turned out to be highly collaborative, involving several “cooks” – interesting.

Now, what about the ingredients of each of them? Collaboration, team work, communication, curiosity, very diversified ICT use and the key ingredient of all of them: pupils! Each awarded teacher emphasised the importance of team work which does also include their students as principal actors of the projects.

2012’s best eTwinning project “A Taste of Maths” even went a step further, not only taking the cooking metaphor literally, but also giving pupils a central role in the project by delivering them insights into the teachers’ perspective: They prepared riddles and mathematical quizzes for their partners – a motivating way to deal with a subject and getting to know what it means to be precise, engaging and to interact with the partners in a foreign and specialised language.

If this quickened your appetite, please forget about old fashioned idioms. I highly recommend you the project’s blog instead:

For more recipes, please also have a look at eTwinning’s new Cookbook (available on

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