Xavier Prats Monné

There are 155 000 teachers in Europe and they have a great influence on the society.
The teachers have worked hard on eTwinning and made it what it is, a great tool for teachers to use when they work together cross borders.  The students learn a lot about Europe and become a citizen in Europe as well as in their country.
Today pupils can get information easily and use it as they want and we have to give them motivation on how to get these information and how to use it.  The generations before didn´t have this access to informations so they are learning as well as the pupils.
The teachers have to get the tools to move on to the next level in ICT so the pupils can keep on learning and the teachers has to learn from each others so they can move on.
Etwinning is a big success for the European Union, because the teachers are using it to cooperate, it brings schools and teachers together, and it gives the pupil opurtunity to work together without any cost.
It is also important that the amount of money which is given to the eTwinning will not suffer for the crises but rather increase so more schools can work in the eTwinning.
We have to have the budget for education secured so the education can go on.  We have to expect from the eTwinning project that it has some influence on the community.  That it will be the platform for schools to work together.  And those who use it will benefit from it.
We much hope that eTwinning will expand to the whole world instead of being just in Europe.
The teachers in Europe that use eTwinning are not artistic but rather teachers who are willing to work together with teachers all over Europe and are open minded and willing to take part in the future.

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  1. Lejos, uno de los mejores interventos. Con simples y precisas palabras puso en evidencia el valioso labor voluntario de los docentes etwinners. Porque de eso se trata, volver a los principios de vocación docente y aplicar este fabuloso instrumento de comunicación e intercambio de aprendizaje/enseñanza.

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