Anne Looney

Anne Looney started her speech with some nice stories about Ireland, showed  the only picture for years that show Ireland without clouds all over..  🙂
Then we had to introduce us to the next person and now we connected.
The internet is the new connection and it matters how good speed there is on the internet.  And if you don´t get internet access you get nervous.
Young people are quick to learn how to do things.  They connect to the internet, connect virtually to each other through software but they don´t look you in the eye for connection because they have to have more than one connection going on at once.
It is worrying how virtual connection is taking over the physical connection and there is a new task for teachers to work on that.
Anna showed us some results that said that if teachers connect to another teachers they will get better connection to the students.
eTwinning is an innovation which should be supported by the local community and of course the school leaders.  ETwinning is a innovation which is supported by students and parents.
Teachers collaboration gives better results.  The education system is always changing and if we don´t want it to change we can´t have influence how it will change because though we like it better or worse it will change.  The teachers will then have to do the changes.  Many teachers became teachers because they wanted to change something – some want to change the world other are not so big but want to have influence on the life of their students.
Anne then opened all the twitters and checked out why we teach:   we teach because we have something to contribute to the next generation.
Teachers room in eTwinning will work if the founder has a good idea, the task is clear, the attitude towards all particiapants are good.  The particiapants have to be active and if the task is clear and the conversations are controlled it is more likely to be active than another teacher room which has no certain task and the conversations are all over..
So the connection between teachers will be better if the leadership on the connection is good.
“The little stories has put the big story out of my head.” Tomás O Criomhtháin  It is like the teachers who wanted to change the world but had to start with the boys and girls who needed to learn how to read.
The students are younger than us, they have more energy and they are very flexible and that´s why we have involve them in the change of the educational system.  Because they are smart.  Smarter than teacher?
Schools do not allow smartphones in the hands of students because that is their tools.. Are we ready for the change which is happening just around the corner.  The schools are trying to hold back… for how long…

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